So I Said You Died

from ToRights by DeathBoy




my moon goes down
your sun comes up
is your rhythm natural
or down to luck?


hear their feet in the corridoor
hold my head down
life's become intolerable
now you're not around

when they came looking
I struggled for a lie
can't have been too convincing
they took me for a ride

so I said you died
so I said you died

they said you lived here
I said you'd gone
they called me a liar
I said they were wrong

showed me a photo
you and me, all smiles
said it proved I knew you
I said it's been a while


I feel more peaceful now
if a little resigned
images all fade away
and leave me blind

and it gives me the shivers
recordings of your voice
asking for forgiveness
as if I had a choice

so I said you died
so I said you died

asking too many questions
in this interrogation
couriers carry clipboards
and demand information

I got lost in a paragraph
or was is something I signed?
left a promise on voicemail
lost my heart and my mind


now they look at me funny
since you went away
on the edge of the pavement
at the end of the day

just a name on my credit cards
just bruise in my pride
never knew what to say to them
so I said you died


we were in this together
must have done something wrong
so you wrote me a letter
so I sang you a song

now I'm counting the seconds down
till they knock down the door
turning up with the teargas
I'm not there anymore


from ToRights, released November 6, 2008




DeathBoy London, UK

DeathBoy create a variety of electronic music. While best-known for their trademark dark and dirty industrial albums, they also release a variety of techno and ambient tracks. The music is characterised by breakbeats and basslines. Dark, electronic, vodka-fuelled misanthropy and twisted lyrics. DeathBoy cannot be destroyed by conventional weaponry. ... more

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