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released November 6, 2008




DeathBoy London, UK

DeathBoy create a variety of electronic music. While best-known for their trademark dark and dirty industrial albums, they also release a variety of techno and ambient tracks. The music is characterised by breakbeats and basslines. Dark, electronic, vodka-fuelled misanthropy and twisted lyrics. DeathBoy cannot be destroyed by conventional weaponry. ... more

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Track Name: The End Begins Again
These walls are paper thin
And I'm feeling underneath it all
I'm falling out and in
This larger life now feels so small
There is no easy way
This hurt it hurts me every time
I don't know what to say
I'm twisted up and can't unwind

I shout your name from here
You shut me down and close the door
I should be fine in here
I've died a thousand times or more
I've loved in silent smiles
These words are heavy on my back
I've walked for miles and miles
It suffocates so just relax

You run away from it
A screaming heart that makes no sound
Can't make the pieces fit
I cry when there's no one else around
If I could find some light
My friends might understand my soul
If I could make it right
I'd put back everything I stole

And is this all I need?
The simple life I led before
But now I'm on my knees
With all the ghosts I can't ignore
They sit and sing with me
A battered anthem from my youth
Bleeding a symphony
A stubborn hope I can't refuse

The end begins again
I'm burning up to blind my eyes
The end begins again
I live the night till something dies
The end begins again
I'm crawling round got caught inside
The end begins again
I found the dream and lost my mind
Track Name: So I Said You Died

my moon goes down
your sun comes up
is your rhythm natural
or down to luck?


hear their feet in the corridoor
hold my head down
life's become intolerable
now you're not around

when they came looking
I struggled for a lie
can't have been too convincing
they took me for a ride

so I said you died
so I said you died

they said you lived here
I said you'd gone
they called me a liar
I said they were wrong

showed me a photo
you and me, all smiles
said it proved I knew you
I said it's been a while


I feel more peaceful now
if a little resigned
images all fade away
and leave me blind

and it gives me the shivers
recordings of your voice
asking for forgiveness
as if I had a choice

so I said you died
so I said you died

asking too many questions
in this interrogation
couriers carry clipboards
and demand information

I got lost in a paragraph
or was is something I signed?
left a promise on voicemail
lost my heart and my mind


now they look at me funny
since you went away
on the edge of the pavement
at the end of the day

just a name on my credit cards
just bruise in my pride
never knew what to say to them
so I said you died


we were in this together
must have done something wrong
so you wrote me a letter
so I sang you a song

now I'm counting the seconds down
till they knock down the door
turning up with the teargas
I'm not there anymore
Track Name: Beautiful
she doesn't talk like one of those
that's what makes me sit so close
shall I compare you to a rose?
your beautiful and comatose

when you're flat on your back
girl, you give me heart attacks
and she doesn't realise
my girl's got pretty eyes

and when your hair's a mess
sweat dripping down your neck
let's get you out 'that dress
I've got something to confess


you make me fall apart
gave you the keys to my heart
make me think in clichés
but that don't matter anyway

getting drunk on cheap wine
when you wind around my spine
wanna take you on the northern line
we're shedding clothes and stealing time

underneath the weeping willows
lying, cuddled up to pillows
think about her when she isn't there
tie another bullet in her hair

we're always courting with disaster
but that's ok if i can have her
there ain't no happy ever-after
just stolen moments filled with laughter
Track Name: This Time Again
so here we go again
got more experience
no more excuses now
and no more bitterness

we said we'd be just friends
the cycle never ends
we terminated this
with due dilligence

I should feel better now
but still I don't somehow
the knife is twisting still
the cuts that make me ill

my head's a fucking mess
but this damn this loneliness
it makes me feel just like
when the world still held some interest

I am a nexus
I live to fall
I am gaping hole of violence
that lives inside us all

I am the DJ
and I am the drink
I am the thing that pushes
you over the brink

remember when you said
we were so innocent
remember when you hurt
and weren't so violent

and we shared everything
and life was beautiful
and I was happy then
until you fucked it all

I know I asked this
I know I don't deserve
a moment's happiness
to love without reserve

and I have learnt the lesson
and I am better now
I will behave, I will abstain
so you can breathe somehow

as if I will, yeah fuck
go try for better luck
I am the demon
will not stop until we all fall down

You kept them all away
but now they're here again
a million knives of insecurity
are my best friends
Track Name: All He Has To Do
all he has to be
is the least bit better than me
these days, I get the feeling
I'm making his job easy

all he has to do
is be there
and rational
when I'm no good for you
I know
I know

if just one person
could describe his positives
without the inevitable
stream of perjoratives

he'd stand up next to me
like a god in neon lights
you know you've found the right boy
no struggle, no fights

if he's five foot nine or more
he's what you're looking for - and all I've hated
shining bright blue eyes
mine are breakbeat brown
and dilated

I bet he holds his temper
just like I hold my drink
I bet he's holding you right now
I tried
but I still sink

I'm made of different metal
and sometimes
I take too long to settle
before I'm happy in myself

I wouldn't blame you
I'd never ask you why
Not my job to save you
but you chose the wrong fucking guy
Track Name: Bugs
And the blue night air
It breaks on, sleepy town
And I need you here
just to pull me down
Hear the gossips breed
And ambition rot
Hear the bugs still feed
on what time forgot

Still I need you too
Come and find my heart
Come and hold me through
all these cold remarks

No more lonely nights
Please, I beg the sky
I'm so scared of heights
and I feel so high


This isn't London man
Just suburban cloaks
Where the lovers grab
at each others throats
If I make my stand
Will the weeds still grow?
Where the teardrops land
and no one knows

It's one step forward
But then two steps back
My words so awkward when my hearts attacked
It's so quiet out here
On these empty streets
But I can't disappear where no one breathes


I can feel you call
All my silent friends
With our names on walls
and our raw pretence
I'm still holding out
I'm still fighting hard
But it's shouting loud
from embittered scars


This isn't London man
Just suburban cloaks
Where the lovers grab at each others throats
If I make my stand
Will the weeds still grow?
Where the teardrops land and no one knows
Track Name: Machinegun
I've got a right end
And a wrong one
It's been a long time
since we got some

kinda spite-fuelled
I got along once
I'm not a person
I would recognise

I am erasing
the all-pervading
I'm Masqerading
as a person

I'm a projectile
of nothing worthwhile
I don't function
unless I hurt some


I am a machine gun
I am the obscene one
got nothing to give
no reason to live
just keep shooting
till it all falls down

I am a machine gun
I'll never believe no-one
I'm just another fucking reason
why the only way to live
is to kill someone


Rest your finger on the safety catch
Become something you're not
Drop the bullet into the glass
Throw back the shot


I am a weapon
I am a tool
I had a reason
I am a fool

I'm under pressure
From everyone
I'm an excuse
for what I've become

I am the fallout
I am the bomb
I try crawlout
from the explosion

Always thought that
I was the one
guess you showed me
I'm all done


Standing over this pit
I know I'm going to dive
can't get over this shit
can not stay alive

I put nothing inside you
except lead
and there's no place to hide
because it's all dead
Track Name: At My Best
i'm getting paranoid again,
I'm reconfiguring
these nights,
when I try to decompress
I get lonely

it's not like you give a fuck if I'm ok
it's not like you ever knew me anyway

and I don't know why I even care
every time I see you sitting there

can't seem to fucking think of any words
a head full of verbs
none of which appropriate

you only seem to see me when I'm at my worst
a low-grade parasite
bivalve of approbium


you never see me at my best
I'm always drunk, trying to impress
Apologise for the time we last met
playing catch-up in an infinite regress

I try to show you that I'm not what you think
knocking back my problems with another fucking drink
and every chance I ever fucking had of proving otherwise
I self-sabotage, I auto-demonize


it's like a fairytale
sprinkle me with alcohol
I try to crush the paranoids with paracetamol

I live between the words
we dress up like we know them all
I am another demographic of the demerol


if I was you
and you were me
well, I wouldn't blame you
for the things you fucking see


one, two, I'm not like you
three, four, and I need some more
five, six, analyse these tricks
seven, eight, never procreate

one, two, gonna push right through
three, four, on the cold, hard floor
five, six, with a tough remix
seven, eight, learn to hide your fucking hate
Track Name: End of an Error
spitting back
your memory erased

spill your blackened
imagery disgrace

bitter drinks half bitten smiles
saving face and in denial
heating up cold steel embrace
giving up to the metal taste


let me out
i'm not in to you

hit the breaks
I need some altitude

see that crowd?
well, they're not here for you

one more time
and fuck your attitude


this is the end
of an error
this is not
what you all turned out to see
so sick
there's no getting better
all you got
and its all made out of me

this is the end
of an error
we are not
what we pretend to be
so quick
then we're gone forever
one last shot
then it's all burnt out of me


fucking up
in misery and wires

shout your twisted
majesty of fire

scheming hands, half written lies
coming down but on the rise

wasted life, so shambolic
sober thoughts but alcoholic


let me out
I'm not into you
hit the breaks
I need some altitude

see that crowd?
well, they're not here for you
one more time
and fuck your attitude

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