All He Has To Do

from ToRights by DeathBoy



all he has to be
is the least bit better than me
these days, I get the feeling
I'm making his job easy

all he has to do
is be there
and rational
when I'm no good for you
I know
I know

if just one person
could describe his positives
without the inevitable
stream of perjoratives

he'd stand up next to me
like a god in neon lights
you know you've found the right boy
no struggle, no fights

if he's five foot nine or more
he's what you're looking for - and all I've hated
shining bright blue eyes
mine are breakbeat brown
and dilated

I bet he holds his temper
just like I hold my drink
I bet he's holding you right now
I tried
but I still sink

I'm made of different metal
and sometimes
I take too long to settle
before I'm happy in myself

I wouldn't blame you
I'd never ask you why
Not my job to save you
but you chose the wrong fucking guy


from ToRights, released November 6, 2008




DeathBoy London, UK

DeathBoy create a variety of electronic music. While best-known for their trademark dark and dirty industrial albums, they also release a variety of techno and ambient tracks. The music is characterised by breakbeats and basslines. Dark, electronic, vodka-fuelled misanthropy and twisted lyrics. DeathBoy cannot be destroyed by conventional weaponry. ... more

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