from ToRights by DeathBoy



she doesn't talk like one of those
that's what makes me sit so close
shall I compare you to a rose?
your beautiful and comatose

when you're flat on your back
girl, you give me heart attacks
and she doesn't realise
my girl's got pretty eyes

and when your hair's a mess
sweat dripping down your neck
let's get you out 'that dress
I've got something to confess


you make me fall apart
gave you the keys to my heart
make me think in clichés
but that don't matter anyway

getting drunk on cheap wine
when you wind around my spine
wanna take you on the northern line
we're shedding clothes and stealing time

underneath the weeping willows
lying, cuddled up to pillows
think about her when she isn't there
tie another bullet in her hair

we're always courting with disaster
but that's ok if i can have her
there ain't no happy ever-after
just stolen moments filled with laughter


from ToRights, released November 6, 2008




DeathBoy London, UK

DeathBoy create a variety of electronic music. While best-known for their trademark dark and dirty industrial albums, they also release a variety of techno and ambient tracks. The music is characterised by breakbeats and basslines. Dark, electronic, vodka-fuelled misanthropy and twisted lyrics. DeathBoy cannot be destroyed by conventional weaponry. ... more

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